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In 1974, on a cold day in Winnipeg, Manitoba a 4-year-old boy’s life was dramatically changed when his Grandmother, a poet, improvisational jazz aficionado and artist in her own right, took this young boy to his first art class. Held in a now defunct Canada Railway station – surrounded by people generations older than he was, he fearlessly created his first piece of art, and never looked back.


Wolch can tell tales of sleeping in parking lots, fields, and dormitories, at Grateful Dead Shows, in tents, backseats, hammocks, jungles and even the occasional bed. He has called Israel, Jamaica, London England, Helsinki, Vancouver and Toronto his home - collecting, accepting and rejecting influences flowing through his mind and body.


A globally recognized career in advertising, running creative campaigns for some of the world’s most beloved brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Google has shaped the artist’s pop sensibility and unique exploration and interpretation of the very culture that surrounds us all.


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